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Parks and Community Health: mParks Annual Conference and Trade Show, Grand Rapids Jan 31-Feb. 3

The keynote speaker is Dr. Robert Zarr, who will discuss a scalable model of how to create partnerships between the park agencies and the medical/public health world in order to standardize and institutionalize the prescribing of parks within the daily routine of providing healthcare. Prescribing Parks is relevant to the practice of medicine/public health, and is more likely to be integrated into the daily practice of medicine when it is fully embedded within the electronic health record and within the daily routine of healthcare professionals.

Additionally, Dr. Kevin Barnett, Senior Investigator with the Public Health Institute, will share insights on the transformation of health care in the U.S. and the emerging roles of hospitals and health systems in building health and well-being.

Leveraging Parks and Recreation to Build Healthy Communities Commit to Health Inspiring Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Public Spaces = Public Health: mParks Health and Wellness Initiatives Mindfulness in Parks: A focus on mental health Transgender Issues in P&R

Conference sessions will follow suite, focusing on the connection between public health and public spaces, including:

You can learn more about the conference:

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