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Preceptor & Faculty Toolkits

Support the Next Generation of Nurses

The Nurse Preceptor Toolkit is designed to give preceptors the necessary skills to assist newly graduated nurses in transitioning from the student role into safe, competent professional nursing practice.

The primary purpose is to build a support network of senior nurses around the novice nurses that will augment their academic education with clinical experience, provide emotional support and foster judgment skills.

Using the Nurse Preceptor Toolkit will help an organization create a cadre of well-trained preceptors who will function as a teacher, coach and mentor in guiding, directing, and assessing nursing student or new nurse. For the new nurse this will translate into increased self-confidence and job contentment as well as improved patient care and safety.

These materials are based on adult learning theory, have been piloted, critically reviewed and refined. The eight modules range from goal setting and critical thinking to workplace socialization and conflict resolution.

The complete program provides essential preceptor knowledge and skills. The Michigan Center for Nursing is pleased to provide these resources to organizations that share the vision of a quality nursing workforce.

Complete the following survey to receive the password for the Preceptor Toolkit:

Complete the following survey to receive the password for the Clinical Faculty Toolkit:

These resources are provided free of charge. Permission is not required to utilize the kits and are provided compliments of the Health Alliance of MidAmerica, L.L.C.
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