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The Mentoring Project

About The Mentoring Project

Michigan Center for Nursing and ACEMAPP collaborated with nursing professionals to create an innovative new way for nursing students and professionals to engage in mentoring online.  This project was made possible through support from the Center to Champion Nursing in America, a joint initiative of AARP Foundation, AARP, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

Hospital Corridors
Become a Mentor or Mentee

You may only become a Mentor or Mentee if your organization is participating in the mentoring project in partnership with ACEMAPP. The intent of this project was to help nurses overcome barriers to long-term employment in health care. Each module is part of a curriculum developed by professional educators and was developed specifically for health care providers. Once you identify your own needs, you can choose whichever modules best suit you. You may view as many or as few as you choose. You may also revisit the modules at any time. The courses are self-paced.

The main areas of focus throughout this project will be:

  • Professional resiliency

  • Communication

  • Conflicts in the workplace

  • Leadership skills

  • Time management

  • Professional goals

The project is designed to be led by the mentee based on the mentee’s identified needs. That said, the mentor should get leadership skills and self-knowledge out of the experience as well. We hope you will find the content both educational and inspiring.

Manage Mentoring at Your Organization

If you already have a mentoring program at your organization, you can transition it to ACEMAPP in order to deliver your mentorship-specific learning materials and resources. We can also create a process specific to your needs when it comes to matching mentors and mentees at your organization. You may assign a specific person to review and approve matches, or you may allow mentees to search and request mentors independently.

If you do not yet have a mentoring program, but would like to start one, we can work with you to create a new process that will allow your students or new hires to be matched with others at your organization based on the parameters you set. 

We provide a number of mentoring courses developed for healthcare professionals. You are able to use them if you would like, or you may deliver your own custom learning materials and resources. 

You also have the option to deliver evaluations to mentoring participants before, during, and/or after their mentoring experience.

To get started, contact ACEMAPP at

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