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Stacy Slater, DNP, BS, RN, CV-BC, CNEcl, to Lead Session on ACEs Awareness and Trauma Informed Care

We're pleased to share that Stacy Slater, DNP, BS, RN, CV-BC, CNEcl, will speak at the 2023 Michigan Nursing Summit, which will be held in Grand Rapids on October 12-13, 2023. Her session will be titled "ACEs Awareness and Trauma Informed Care in Nursing".

Slater is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Baker College of Cadillac. Beginning as a Registered Nurse in 2008, Slater created a path to experience a variety of nursing roles with the goal of academia in mind. Active in many nursing associations, Slater is an advocate for promoting and encouraging growth and success for nurses at all levels. Her personal vision for leading health care in the future and being a strong leader in clinical systems involves continued education and involvement in issues that affect us all – patient care. Although healthcare and reimbursement may be evolving, the basics of holistic and integrated patient care remain the same. Utilizing all her knowledge, life experiences, and resources available from her past and present has prepared her to focus on future goals.

Slater will speak on day 1 of the Michigan Nursing Summit at 3:30 pm. To learn more, click the buttons below.

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