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Great Lakes Health Connect Free Educational Series: Maintaining Momentum in Care Transformation

GLHC is excited to present the 2018 Summit Series. The full day Summit events (2), accompanied by half day Seminar events (3) will be interactive, educational, and will demonstrate why technology is part of the solution to providing the best care possible.

Since 2010, the American health care system has been engaged in an effort to examine and fundamentally change the way we deliver, experience, and finance care. There is little doubt at this point that the process of transforming care is a marathon; each mile is a success to celebrate and to inspire us forward.

The theme of GLHC’s 2018 Summit Series, “Maintaining Momentum in Care Transformation” acknowledges the reality of change and progress that the healthcare community has made. It also focuses us on staying vigilant to how we can continue to make progress toward achieving a fully sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystem. The 2018 Summit Series curriculum will focus on the following areas:

Innovation Healthcare professionals can find balance between embracing dynamic change while maintaining a focus on the person at the point of care.

Collaboration Care integration is key to realizing triple aim goals. Practical examples of how providers and organizations across the continuum are working together to achieve common objectives will inspire and change

Communication Maximizing effective and efficient transmission of information is a critical component of any transformative enterprise. Leveraging the latest and greatest advancements in information sharing technology is essential for enhancing clinical communication.

Attendance at all of the Summit Series events is free of charge, but advance registration is required. Summit events include a buffet breakfast and lunch. Seminar events include a buffet meal.



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