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Dr. Saqib Nakadar, D.O., to speak on Medical Marihuana* at the 2018 Michigan Nursing Summit

We're pleased to announce that Dr. Saqib Nakadar, D.O., will be speaking on Thursday of the 2018 Michigan Nursing Summit, October 18-19. Nakadar will be one of two expert panelists for Myth Busting Medical Marihuana.

Dr. Saqib Nakadar is a Detroit area native and has been practicing medicine since 2008. He worked for Henry Ford Health System as a hospitalist at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Throughout his years of practice, he has developed a unique understanding about health and symptoms that affect patients on a daily basis. He started a separate clinic in 2010 where he focused on lifestyle modifications and a holistic approach. He began becoming familiar with medical cannabis and started to focus his interest in this area. He now has a vast knowledge of the plant, cannabinoids, processing, dosages, and practical applications.

Dr. Nakadar has become one of the leaders in the medical cannabis field. His clinical experience, medical knowledge, and treatment of thousands of patients has given him an excellent reputation. Medical professionals, lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and law enforcement have all looked towards him for his valuable input to various issues regarding medical cannabis. He is currently the Physician Advisor for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Advisory Panel.

Outside of the medical clinic he volunteers at the HUDA Clinic once a week. There he provides medical care to patients without insurance who are unable to afford medical care. He also teaches medical students on a regular basis. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at two colleges at Michigan State University.

In a project unrelated to medicine, he also is involved in the restoration of the S.S. Ste Claire- aka The Boblo Boat. This is one of two steam powered ferries that cruised the Detroit River for decades.



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