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Anurag Gupta, MPhil, JD, to speak at the 2019 Michigan Nursing Summit

Anurag (Anu) Gupta, MPhil, JD, is a sought-after mindfulness and unconscious bias expert and is the Founder and CEO of BE MORE. BE MORE is a social enterprise that employs proven training programs to eradicate unconscious bias in key industries to save lives, improve top-line performance, and reduce billions of dollars in wasted costs.

Gupta developed BE MORE’s novel methodology after conducting decade-long multidisciplinary research and study of the causes of and solutions to unconscious bias, both interpersonally and institutionally. Since founding BE MORE, he has brought his training to over 10,000 professionals nationwide in a variety of sectors, including health care, finance, law, technology, and government.

During his Keynote, Gupta will lead a learning journey that begins with a short, inspirational talk, followed by a review of key learning outcomes, and an opportunity to ask any question on the topic of bias in a townhall-style fashion.



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