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Renewing Your License

Renewing Your License

Health Professional Licensing is managed entirely by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The following links are provided to help you in your search for information on license renewal and other nursing topics. You may contact the Bureau of Professional Licensing by calling 517-335-0918 or writing


Apply for or Renew Nursing License, Verify a license, Enter a Complaint Visit website.       

Health Professions Licensing includes general information and programs; change of name, address, or requesting duplicate license information; health license frequently asked questions, application status, and more. Visit website.


Bureau of Professional Licensing – contact information; laws, rules, and other resources; Michigan Automated Prescription System, and more. Visit website.

Michigan Board of Nursing: licensing information and a presentation of the licensure user system (MiPLUS), forms, and applications; nursing frequently asked questions, public health code, NCLEX information, Michigan Board of Nursing Approved Education Programs, and more. Visit website.

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