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Teaching Through Example

Trina Miller, RN

In-Patient Nursing

Trina does in-patient nursing in a variety of nursing areas at Oakwood Healthcare System, most recently progressive cardiac care. In this venue, she provides direct patient care, paying attention to both the acute needs and the long-term needs of her patients. “Patients are not in the hospital by choice and how I can contribute to their overall comfort and promote their healing and well-being is my focus”. Trina “loves to teach” and engage her patients in their journey to better health.” Her message to patients comes in part from her personal experience. Trina recently lost 145 pounds and was recognized nationally for her effort. While this was a great personal honor, she also saw it as an opportunity to help others. “I was the perfect picture of unhealthy. I understand the impact that weight had on my everyday tasks.” So she organized Trina’s Team. Together Trina and her nurse colleagues worked on a weight-loss program and collectively lost 500 lbs. Today she uses her experiences to guide her nursing care that includes not only attention to the physical need of patients, but also their life-style needs. She calls this attention to “both body and soul”. What would Trina say to someone who is a nursing student or is contemplating a nursing career? “Nursing is not easy; we have many competing responsibilities: direct patient care, attention to learning new skills like technologies, and dealing with clinical realities like dealing with the realities of staff ratios.” But she says her reward is always “making a positive difference in her patients’ day.”



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