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Path Toward Nursing Faculty

Nancy George, PhD, RN

Adult Nurse Practitioner, Professor of Nursing

Before serving as a science teacher in Peace Corps, Nancy participated in a clinical study that was conducted by a PhD prepared nurse. Through their conversations, she learned about opportunities in nursing.

While in the Peace Corp, Nancy received her health care from advanced practice nurses. “I applied to nursing school during my last year in the Peace Corps” she said.

Those nurse mentors and many other nurse mentors along her career path helped shape her view as a Registered Nurse, ”that solidified my passion for the nursing profession.”

Nancy’s commitment to nursing education and practice continues to grow. Now as a PhD prepared nurse and an advanced practice nurse, Nancy works at a federally qualified health center and is a faculty member at Wayne State University School of Nursing.

She admits to “an ever evolving view of humans and health.” Nursing is a profession that affords Nancy “the opportunity to use my communication, teaching, science, research and problem solving skills.”

While nurses must have strong academic preparation in the sciences and humanities, she feels that they must also learn to network and collectively work together to advance nursing education and practice.

Nancy would give this advice to someone considering a career in nursing: “The beauty of nursing is that it provides a background for endless professional opportunities many that are not hospital-based. But nursing is not easy. If you are unsure about what nurses do, volunteer in a health care setting and ‘shadow’ a nurse. Mentoring and developing professional relationships are fundamental to nursing practice.”



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