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I Didn't Always Want to Be a Nurse

Maya Mortada, BSN, RN

Women's and Childrens & PNP Student

Maya received her BA in psychology before entering a BSN program. In her words, “I did not always want to be a nurse.”

“I applied to a second-degree nursing program because I wanted to combine my interests in medicine and working with people.” Maya says that her “real interest is in health care as it focuses on the whole person.”

Maya will soon graduate with her MSN, PNP-BC program with concentration in primary care/pediatrics. Her early nursing career was spent in pediatrics where she could work with children, their families and their communities.

She has a strong desire to always “do nursing better” in behalf of her patients. As a nurse practitioner in a primary care practice she feels that she can contribute to the increasing need for the health care needs of communities.

“I want to serve the whole person. That means attention to their cultural, psycho-social, economic and environmental needs. I will have the opportunity to teach about healthy lifestyles especially in the young population that is the future population.”

Maya would advise those who are considering a career in nursing “that it isn’t for everyone,” it is hard work, but if you really want to work with people for their well-being it is a great choice.” She also feels that nurses should be leaders in health care and advocate for each other.

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