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From Fine Art to Nursing

Vera Cigan, DHA, MSN, RN

Oakwood Learning Center

Vera started her professional life as fine arts major in college and went on to become a photographer.

She always thought about entering the profession of nursing and later went into nursing where she was able to combine her visual and communication skills with her desire to serve the health needs of patients.

“I am a connector; I believe listening is a skill and fundamental to what we do as nurses,” she said.

As the Coordinator of the Oakwood Learning Center, Vera directs the simulation lab where she is able to couple new technologies in teaching with her vision of nursing education as “developmental learning."

“Nursing can be very reactive” explained Vera. “By enacting acute situations much can be learned from doing, discussing and consulting with colleagues and other members of the health team to learn both basic and complex skills and their application as they assume roles in the highly technical, complicated world of patient care.”

Vera puts the patient experience and patient safety at the forefront of our professional priorities. She feels that “Nurses want to practice well and given opportunities continually improve the care they provide to their patients.”

The simulation lab provides an opportunity for learning in a safe place where no harm can be done to a patient, and where a high level efficiency, effectiveness and safety can be reached.



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