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After Downsizing, A Second Career

Sheryl Miller, RN, BSN

Nurse Care Manager, Oakwood Accountable Care Organization

Sheryl began her professional career in business, where in the 1990s her company down-sized and she found herself needed to re-think her professional path.

“I had always considered nursing, but never thought that I could afford to make that academic choice”. Thanks to a scholarship and the support of her family, Sheryl is now a Nurse Care Manager helping patients learn how to stay healthy and make better life style choices.

“When I started in nursing I was an advocate for my critically ill patients and now finding great joy in knowing I am helping people before they get a heart attack, stroke, become blind or are on dialysis from not understanding diabetes,” Sheryl said.

“I enjoy connecting people with ideas and best-practices regarding their disease and the acquisition of optimal health.” She encourages “learning activation” with her patients “In order to change behavior, a person must fully understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their disease.”

Sheryl feels that safety of care includes understanding that when people are “sick” or compromised they experience challenges in their ability to plan and “get on the right track” and that “those who are working to change their patients’ behavior must understand these fundamentals as well.”



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