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Zeal Credit Union Offers Nursing Students Educational Award: Deadline September 30, 2019

Michigan Health Council and Michigan Center for Nursing have partnered with Zeal Credit Union to generously offer a nursing student a $2,000 educational award. Zeal Credit Union is a community-focused, nonprofit credit union with branches in the Metro Detroit area. The funds can be used for whatever purposes the student needs in order to complete his/her nursing program.

In order to receive the award, the student must attend the 2019 Michigan Nursing Summit on October 17th in Dearborn. So, in addition to the award, the student will receive a free ticket to the event. Zeal Credit Union will send a representative to present the educational award on stage during the event.

Criteria for the award include: 1) Oakland or Wayne County resident; 2) a person of color, a first-generation student, or a single parent; 3) 3.0 GPA or above; 4) faculty recommendation; and 5) compelling personal narrative.

Deadline is September 30 11:59pm. Click "Learn More" (below) to download an application. You may return completed applications to



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