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Will You Help Michigan Nurses?

Help grow Michigan's nursing career ladder with the Michigan Center for Nursing Career Guide.

We have been hard at work the past few months putting the final touches on our Michigan Nursing Career Guide, a project supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

We need you to help evaluate our work. Learn how to here.

What it is

The Michigan Nursing Career guide is a set of resources that help nurse better plan their careers for transforming the future of nursing and health care delivery. The four components include a career planning tool kit, a database of education options for post-licensure nurses, several career coaching modules, and an introduction and overview to interprofessional collaboration.

Why it matters

One of the key recommendations from the Campaign is to have 80% of all nurses be prepared with a Bachelor’s degree. According the 2013 Michigan Survey of Nurses, only 44% of Michigan nurses are prepared with a BSN. We are addressing this need by centralizing information on career planning and nursing education options.

We also are providing information about career coaching and interprofessional collaboration to assist a new generation of nurse leaders as they prepare to lead health care transformation in the future.

This is not a finished product and we know we are less than ‘perfect.’ Your feedback is essential to building a better experience for nurses throughout the state.

Will you help us evaluate these tools? View our career guide here.


1. Career Planning Tool Kit

This tool kit outlines provides directions on how you can build a career plan and chart a course along your preferred career path.

2. Nursing Education Database

Getting started searching for education options can be a daunting challenge. We have done most of the hard work in collecting and standardizing data across programs. Currently, we include post-licensure programs (RN-BSN, MSN, DNP).

3. Career Coaching Modules

Who will become the next generation of nurse leaders in Michigan? This set of modules explains career development relationships, what makes career coaching different from other types of career development relationships, and what makes for an effective career coach.

4. Interprofessional Collaboration and Education Module

Interprofessional collaboration and education drive the patient-centered care of the future. This interactive presentation offers you a high-level understanding of the four competencies of interprofessional education and team-based care.



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