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Why Nursing? The Extraordinary Perspectives of "Ordinary" Nurses

We're all faced with crossroads. Why did we pick nursing?

Why are you a nurse?

There are approximately 166,000 nurses in Michigan, comprising 60% of the health care workforce, in almost every health care setting.

To find stories of perseverance, inspiration, and an unique perspective on nursing, you don't need to look very far away. All it takes is asking one question.

"Why nursing?"

This question elicited an amazing variety of responses on the significance caring nurses have on patients, the importance of mentors and continuing education, and the unique and varied paths nurses take along their career and educational journey.

Beryl Guevara discussed delivering 10 babies as a nursing student in the Philippines. Martha Cabarios talked about returning to work in long-term care after volunteering for Meals on Wheels in retirement. Sheryl Miller turned to nursing as a second career with the support of her family.

We hope you have an opportunity to read these storiesand see the extraordinary nature of "ordinary" nurses.

The Center for Nursing would like to say a special "Thank you" to all who participated:

Michelle Wallace, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP Nurse Clinician, Radiation Oncology Beaumont Health System

Beryl Guevara, BSN, RN, CMSRN Medical Surgical Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

Vicki Taliaferro, BSN, RN, NCSN School Nurse Consultant

Vera Cigan, DHA, MSN, RN Coordinator Oakwood Learning Center

Sheryl Miller, RN, BSN Nurse Care Manager Oakwood Accountable Care Organization

Stephanie Painter, MSN, RN Director, School Health Advocacy Program Grand Rapid, MI

Martha Cabarios, BSN, RN Home Health Care Global Home Care, Inc. Troy, MI

Michelle Thorne, RN MSN Personal Health Services Manager Calhoun County Public Health Department

Maya Mortada, BSN, RN Nursing, Women’s and Children Unit Oakwood Hospital - Dearborn & APN Student, Wayne State University, School of Nursing

Trina Miller, RN Oakwood Healthcare System


Our original intent was to post profiles of nurses on our website during National Nurses Week.

I received so many responses that we were not able to post all of them this week. Therefore, we will continue to post nurses’ profiles here and will highlight these amazing stories.

If you have a story to share, contact me to set up a time to talk.

In the meantime, I want to send my appreciation to all of you who provide nursing care in it all its forms; to a diverse population; in countless locations and settings throughout the state.

Your efforts make a difference, every day, in the health and well-being of the citizens of Michigan.

Congratulations and Thank You!

Linda White Michigan Center for Nursing



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