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Tipping the Scale: Longitudinal Evidence for Endoscopic Screenings Demonstrates Effectiveness

Harvard researchers released information this week highlighting results from a study that examined almost 90,000 patients over a 22-year period found significant reductions in the rate of colon cancer in those patients who underwent endoscopic screenings.

Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Reiko Nishihara et. al, found that patients with colonoscopies had a 56% reduced risks of developing colon cancer.

Many people are nervous and hesitant about scheduling these screenings. (This study also confirms the recommendation to have the test done every 10 years, or every five for high-risk individuals.)

Nurses can have a big impact on making families, patients, and the general community aware of the protective benefits from this screening.

Preventing colon cancer is an important public health goal and nurses can make a very big impact on improving and prolonging the lives of those who receive colonoscopies.

Need help talking about colorectal cancer? Visit the American Cancer Society’s colorectal cancer page, or watch this video.



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