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Theresa Flores, LSW to Speak on Human Trafficking at the 2017 Michigan Nursing Summit

We're pleased to announce that Theresa Flores, LSW will be speaking on Thursday of the 2017 Michigan Nursing Summit, October 11-13. Flores will speak on Human Trafficking in Michigan: An Overview and a Personal Perspective. Flores is a human trafficking survivor, best selling author, and Founder of the S.O.A.P. Project (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution).

Ms. Flores is the Prevention Education Specialist for Gracehaven and has been a licensed Social Worker for over twenty years. Ms. Flores was appointed to the Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission in 2009 and has testified before the Ohio House and Senate in supports of Human Trafficking Legislation. Her efforts were a major part of the success of these bills being passed into laws. Additionally, the “Theresa Flores Law” was passed in Michigan that eliminates the statue of limitation for children who have been trafficked.

Flores is a survivor of domestic child sex trafficking and was sold in an underground crime ring in an upper middle class suburb outside Detroit from the time she was 15-17 years old. She now works with other survivors and is the Assistant Investigator with Global Centurion researching the mental and physical health problems of over 200 domestic trafficking survivors. The study entitled, “The Health Consequences of Human Trafficking” will provide best practices and systemic recommendations for health care providers.

She has received many awards including the University of Dayton’s Alumni Association 2013 Christian Service Award for her work with S.O.A.P. In January 2012 at the State of the State Address, Ms. Flores received The Courage Award from Ohio Governor Kasich for her work in human trafficking.

Ms. Flores has published four books, “The Sacred Bath” and “The Slave Across the Street” (in the UK and U.S.) and “Slavery in the Land of the Free- A Student’s Guide to Modern Day Slavery”. The audio version of her memoir was nominated for The 2011 Audie Award, being in the top 5 of all memoirs and biographies and also has been on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller list for e-books several times. Ms. Flores also has a very popular TED talk.



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