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Online RN-BSN Programs, An Evaluation

What are the qualities of a good online RN-BSN programs? What options are available to Michigan residents?

In a new white paper published by the Michigan Center for Nursing on behalf of the Office of Nursing Policy at the Michigan Department of Community Health, the qualities and characteristics of online RN-BSN programs are critically examined.

One of the key resources available to meet the goals of the Institute of Medicine's Campaign for Action goal of ensuring 80% of nurses are baccalaureate prepared by 2020, are online RN-BSN programs.

This white paper examines four main areas of online programs:

  • Clinical Education

  • Credit Offered for Experience

  • Accreditation

  • Cost

After reviewing the evidence, there appears to be few trends that can help employers, prospective students, or policy makers judget the relative differences in quality and availability of these programs.

More research is needed to examine how different aspects of online RN-BSN impact the education quality of their curriculua.


From the author, Education to Practice Program Manager David Miller

In this paper, we attempt to present useful information about online Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs to nurses and nurse leaders. To determine any disparities in the quality of education, we elected to examine multiple schools of nursing against the following criteria: clinical education requirements, credits awarded by examination or experience, accreditation, cost, and admissions standards.

We examine the aforementioned factors through the lens of college/university governance (proprietary, nonprofit, public), and determine whether or not the type of governance is a factor.



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