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Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH to Speak at the 2018 Michigan Nursing Summit

We're pleased to announce that Mona Hanna-Attisha will be speaking Thursday morning of the 2018 Michigan Nursing Summit, October 18-19. Dr. Hanna-Attisha will be presenting on Health Equity: What the Eyes Don't See. The session will be a discussion of health equity, toxic stress, and early adversity as it relates to the Flint Water Crisis.

Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, is associate professor of pediatrics at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and director of the pediatric residency program at Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint, Michigan.

Dr. Hanna-Attisha received her bachelor’s and Master of Public Health degrees from the University of Michigan and her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. She completed her residency at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, where she was chief resident.

In 2015, Dr. Hanna-Attisha was heralded internationally for her study that exposed elevated lead blood levels in Flint children. Today, Dr. Hanna-Attisha directs the Michigan State University and Hurley Children’s Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative, an innovative and model public health program to research, monitor and mitigate the impact of the Flint Water Crisis and help all Flint children grow up healthy and strong.

In addition, Dr. Hanna-Attisha is the author of the forthcoming book, "What the Eyes Don't See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City." Available June 19, 2018.



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