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Lisa Gigliotti, JD to Speak at the 2017 Michigan Nursing Summit

We're pleased to announce that Lisa Gigliotti, JD will be speaking on Thursday of the 2017 Michigan Nursing Summit, October 11-13. Gigliotti's talk will be Coraggio! The Courage to Manage Chronic Pain: A View from the Patient Precipice.

Lisa Gigliotti is an attorney whose career traversed positions as health policy advisors to the Michigan Senate and a governor, as an administrative law judge, as an advocate for people with disabilities, and as appointees to the Michigan Pain and Symptom Management Committee and the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission. Along the journey Lisa endured 13 major surgeries and the recurrent use of a wheelchair due to more than twenty-five years of living with severe rheumatoid arthritis and the neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis. The third book in her series of Coraggio! books, The Courage to Conquer Pain, uses the knowledge she gained while seated with leaders of pain management policy and the wisdom she learned while moving with positivity through daily pain, to encourage individuals and the health profession to approach pain management from the focus of enabling the patient to take charge of self-care. The convergence of extraordinary experiences gives Lisa a powerful and compelling view from the pain patient precipice.

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