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Linda White Joins the Center for Nursing

The Michigan Health Council is delighted to welcome Linda White as the program manager for the Michigan Center for Nursing. Linda brings over twenty years of nursing experience in primary care in community health.

Linda began her career in high-risk labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care with responsibilities in both direct patient care and as a nurse manager for in-patient clinical trials.

Her experience in primary care nursing includes serving as the Director of Nursing at a Federally Qualified Health Center and managing research in family practice and other primary care sites.

Linda was instrumental in the development of the Michigan Primary Care Consortium, a network of collaborative partnerships promoting the patient-centered health care model with primary care providers, patients, and the public throughout Michigan.

Looking to get in touch with Linda? Call her at 517-908-8231 or email her at Linda.White[at]


A Message from Linda White

With the rapidly changing health care landscape and the opportunities for health care practice transformations and system change, this is an exciting time for nursing.

Nurses play a central role in health care particularly in diverse and remote communities and with high-risk populations. Our role in affecting positive health outcomes is essential.

I am glad for the opportunity to provide nursing leadership and perspective to nurses for our mission to improve the quality of and access to health care for the people of Michigan.



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