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John Riley To Discuss De-Escalation at 2023 Michigan Nursing Summit

John Riley will be a speaker at the 2023 Michigan Nursing Summit on October 12-13, 2023, in Grand Rapids. His session will be titled "Conflict De-escalation Basics: Playing your ACE".

Riley is the Founder/President of Gentle Response, a consulting company specializing in very dynamic, realistic conflict de-escalation training seminars which are specifically designed to help students develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self confidence, and confidence in colleagues.

A US Army Veteran and retired 20-year law enforcement officer with Grand Rapids Michigan Police Department, Riley is also a Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist. He and his team help businesses, corporations, non-profits, churches, state agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities, municipalities, and law enforcement develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prevent volatile situations from becoming critically violent incidents. A highly sought-after trainer and engaging speaker, his curriculum, along with positive reinforcement, guides individuals to a better understanding and practical application of de-escalation concepts and techniques.

Riley will speak on day 2 of the Michigan Nursing Summit at 10:10am. To learn more, click the buttons below.



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