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Infographic: The Growing Need for Nurses in the U.S.

Adventist University shared this infographic with us on the Nursing Shortage and How It Will Impact Patient Care.

Nursing is not a profession that is limited in growth and opportunities, especially the way it used to be a few decades ago. It has grown to become a multidisciplinary course with specializations that each has demands and rewards of its own. With a large number of nursing aspirants opting for other courses due to misinformation, there is now a growing demand for professionals in this field. An increasing population of citizens in need of health care and treatment for the elderly, aging of current RN workforce and technological advancements have all projected that the number of nurse job openings will reach its peak in the year 2022 with close to 1.05 million opportunities.

To learn more, checkout the following infographic created by the Adventist University of Health Sciences’ Online RN to BSN program.

ADU Online RN to BSN Program

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