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Help Future Nurses in Bay City and Traverse City

As part of our effort to enhance nursing education in Michigan, we are continuing our focus groups of our Nursing Career Guide in Bay City on January 14 and Traverse City on January 15.

We'll provide the lunch if you provide us with your insights into how the tools we've developed may better help Michigan nurses advance their career in nursing.

Your feedback is essential: these resources have been designed to help Michigan nurses advance in their education and career and we need to hear from those who have encountered and overcome similar challenges.

Giving feedback on our career planning tool kit, nursing education database, career coaching modules, and interprofessional collaboration course will provide a new generation of nurses with the lessons you've learned along the way.

One of the key recommendations from the Campaign for Action is to have 80% of all nurses be prepared with a Bachelor’s degree. According the 2013 Michigan Survey of Nurses, only 44% of Michigan nurses are prepared with a BSN. We are addressing this need by centralizing information on career planning and nursing education options.

We also are providing information about career coaching and interprofessional collaboration to assist a new generation of nurse leaders as they prepare to lead health care transformation in the future.

Bay City Focus Group January 14, 12 to 2 pm Double Tree Waterfront

The very next day we will be in Traverse City.

Traverse City Focus Group January 15, 12 to 2 pm Park Place Traverse City

RSVP Information

Craig Donahue | | 517-347-3332

The importance of this level of evaluation cannot be overstated. Nursing input is necessary in building quality products that will help them make their own, and mentor others in making, informed evidence-based career and educational choices.

All responses are 100% confidential. If you have additional suggestions, comments, or complaints, our team is happy to speak with you.

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