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From the Philippines to Saudi Arabia to Royal Oak

Beryl Guevara, BSN, RN, CMSRN

Medical-Surgical Nursing

“The role of the nurse changes as the demand for increased skills and policy changes have occurred” says Beryl Guevara, a Front Line Nurse-Leader in a post-operative GYN unit at Beaumont Hospital.

Beryl began his nursing education in the Philippines where nursing students were required to deliver ten babies during their undergraduate education. From the Philippines, he went to Saudi Arabia where he served in the ICU/Operating room during Desert Storm era.

Nursing in Michigan does have the same pressures or settings as international and military service. However, as Beryl notes, “Nurses in my hospital have no less responsibility, With the rapid increase in medical knowledge, increased technological advances and complex treatments their responsibilities continue to multiply.”

“Reporting requirements have also increased and in-patients are sicker than ever before,” noting this increase in demand does not always equate into an increase in staffing, but when it comes to making decisions about patients, their care and safety always come first.

He and his staff practice patient-centered care and while they respect “meaningful use” as a means for optimal collection and transfer of valuable patient information, competing demands can turn a twelve hour shift into a challenging time constraint.

“I would tell a person who is considering a career in nursing that it is a calling that requires patience and a sincere desire to care about the complicated needs of patients.”



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