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Five Experiences to Boost Your Resume

As this new school year kicks off, it is a good time to think ahead about resume building. Things like formats, fonts, and action words are all important.

Take a step back though and consider what will make a good base for that resume – good experiences. These don’t happen by accident, they are planned.

1. Excelling in coursework is important, of course. Nothing succeeds like success, as the old saying goes! Including a high GPA as a recent grad is a good way to showcase learning ability and determination. Be an achiever.

2. Make connections with instructors, as potential references. Stand out and make a favorable impression on them with hard work and a good attitude. This can be as simple as doing well in class and making an effort to communicate one on one after class. Be an engaged student.

3. Volunteer experiences show commitment and dedication to the community. Employers like to see a well-rounded candidate, especially if the volunteer experience can relate to nursing skills or healthcare. Have you helped organize a 5k run for a cause? Maybe put in hours at the local food pantry? Helped register donors at a blood drive? These can reflect positively on personal character and show leadership experience. Be active and engaged in the community.

4. Professional organization membership shows leadership and civic-minded behavior. Getting involved in the local MNSA chapter or at the state level is a great learning experience. Be engaged in nursing as a profession.

5. Non-nursing work experiences can be valuable. Starting out, everyone has those unrelated work experiences that don’t seem to fit. Eventually, more nursing work experiences will replace them, but for now think differently about those jobs. What soft skills were used in those jobs that are transferable to nursing? Customer service, computer records, decision making, and team work – these are all great for nurses to have! Even coming from another career field entirely, there will be experiences that will relate. Be creative and make those connections.

By thinking ahead about the content that will make a great resume, the resume writing process will be much easier!

Nurse iCON offers career resources at . Learn more about resume and cover letter writing and interview tips. iCON also offers a complimentary review of resumes – contact Stacie at

By thinking ahead about the content that will make a great resume, the resume writing process will be much easier!


Editor's Note: This post comes from Stacie Hill, Program Coordinator for Nurse iCON, Michigan's source for nursing career resources. For more information, visit Nurse iCON here. Contact Stacie at

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