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Cindy Weintraub, of the Beaumont Human Trafficking Task Force, to Speak at the 2018 Michigan Nursing

We're pleased to announce that Cindy Weintraub, MS, BSN, RN, will be speaking on Thursday of the 2018 Michigan Nursing Summit, October 18-19. Cercy will be one of three expert panelists for Human Trafficking: What Nurses Need to Know.

Weintraub has served as an Emergency Center RN at Beaumont Health for 20 years. For the past 6 years, her role has been to oversee patient process improvement, quality, and safety in the Emergency Center at Beaumont Hospital – Troy. She has completed the Michigan Human Trafficking Taskforce Train the Trainer course. She began collaborating and developing Human Trafficking awareness training for the Emergency Center in 2016 and now serves as Chair for the Human Trafficking Task Force, Beaumont Troy.

Currently, Weintraub is an educational volunteer and serves on the advisory board for Hope Against Trafficking (HAT), a nonprofit organization that provides awareness and outreach to the community as well as residential housing for survivors.

Weintraub received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Oakland University and her Master of Science in Nursing/Business from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her field of study was Patient Safety and Quality.

Panelists include Sarah Berry, Christina Cercy, and Cynthia Weintraub. All three are members of the Beaumont Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF). The HTTF provides survivor-centered, comprehensive interdisciplinary care and support through education and promoting awareness to Beaumont Health and the communities it serves. The HTTF strives to be the leading healthcare organization in providing high quality, compassionate care to Human Trafficking survivors, while simultaneously advancing awareness, understanding and education through community collaborations. HTTF will embrace the values of compassion, respect, integrity, teamwork, and excellence as a guiding framework to cultivate an empowering, survivor-centered, trauma-informed, interdisciplinary treatment approach.


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