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BSN Degrees Holders Report Easier Time Finding Jobs

A new study published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing confirms the belief among many nursing educators and policy-makers that nurses with Bachelor's degree are more likely to find a job, and find a job more quickly, compared to all college graduates.

The survey found that after four to six months of searching for a job, 89% of BSN graduates were employed in nursing. This compares much more favorably than the 43% of all college graduates who reported finding a full-time job after graduation.

Furthermore, nursing programs report employers are increasingly preferring to hire nurses prepared at the BSN level. These respondents indicated that 43% of hospitals require new hires to hold a bachelors degree, an increase of almost 5% over 2012.

Want to learn more?

View the AACN fact sheet on employment trends in nursing available here.

We are in the process of developing a career portal to assist Michigan nurses in making good choices when building their plan for nursing careers. Stay tuned!



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