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Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP, to speak at the 2019 Michigan Nursing Summit

We're pleased to announce that Barb Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP, will once again be speaking at the 2019 Michigan Nursing Summit, to be held October 17-18, 2019. Bancroft will lead a session titled Take this Job and... Love it!

Bancroft has provided more than 2500 continuing education events on clinical topics pertaining to pathophysiology, physical assessment, and pharmacology to health care professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Barb Bancroft is the author of four books—Medical Minutiae, a humorous look at the fields of medicine and nursing and An Apple a Day: The ABCs of Diet and Diseases, Live a Little, Laugh a Lot, and her 2012 release—Kiss My Asparagus-an essential guide to nutrition’s role in health and disease. Barb is currently working on her newest book, titled Who Knew?

Barb is a fascinating, highly informative speaker whose dynamic and humorous presentation style makes learning enjoyable. She provides a wealth of clinical information that can be applied to everyday practice.



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