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A Clinician and Researcher

Michelle Wallace, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP

Nurse Clinician, Radiation Oncology

Michelle is a Nurse Clinician in Radiation Oncology where she practices as a researcher and service/professional mentor. Although she said she “always wanted to be a nurse,” at the onset of her career she was unsure of the area in which she wanted to specialize. “Then I did a clinical rotation in oncology” said Michelle, “And I knew that I wanted to become an advocate for cancer patients and their families.” In her current role, Michelle addresses the complex needs of this patient population from many levels.

She is involved in radiation oncology treatment protocols such as Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation for women with early stage breast cancer. She tracks outcomes following radiation oncology treatment completion in the surveillance phase of the patients’ cancer survivorship journey.

She conducts community outreach where she engages with individuals in underserved populations to impart education regarding cancer prevention and the importance of screening and early detection.

Finally, she serves as both a facilitator and preceptor where her role is as a mentor with nursing colleagues, undergraduate students, and medical students.

Flexibility and diversity of practice are aspects of nursing that both drew Michelle to nursing and sustain her enthusiasm.

“What would I tell someone who was considering a career in Nursing?” Michelle asks. “I would tell them that it is so worthwhile… there are an abundance of opportunities. But it is hard work.”

Michelle recommends taking “advantage of continuing education and mentoring. Nurses need to unite in a common goal of providing the best care as navigators for all populations. They need to provide guidance and share insights with each other.”



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